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Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti orders utilities shut off for TikTok influencer's mansion due to lockdown-defying parties


"This house has turned into a nightclub"

Photo: Mario Tama/Getty Images

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti (D) ordered utilities cut off at a mansion where large parties were being held in defiance of social distancing guidelines.

Garcetti announced the extreme measures from his official social media account on Wednesday.

"Today I authorized the City to disconnect utility service at a house in the Hollywood Hills to stop the large parties held there in flagrant violation of our public health orders," tweeted Garcetti.

"Parties like these can quickly and easily spread the virus and put our communities at risk," he added.

A writer for the styles section of the New York Times reported that the mansion belongs to TikTok stars Bryce Hall, Noah Beck, and Blake Gray.

Los Angeles police shut down a birthday party for Hall that was held on Friday after noise complaints from neighbors at a separate location.

Garcetti said in a statement that the owners of the mansion had been warned previously that their utilities might be shut off.

"Despite several warnings, this house has turned into a nightclub in the hills, hosting large gatherings in flagrant violation of our public health orders," Garcetti said. "The city has now disconnected utilities at this home to stop these parties that endanger our community."

The mayor said officials were also considering additional punishments including the revocation of permits and licenses for those who are repeat offenders against the lockdown. They have additionally clarified that the utility shutdowns are being considered for large parties, not for smaller gatherings in normal-sized homes.

Garcetti has previously said that the city would consider shutting off the utilities for nonessential businesses that were found defying the coronavirus lockdown orders.

There have been more than 5,300 deaths from the coronavirus in Los Angeles County and more than 224,000 confirmed cases of the virus.

Critics of the Democratic mayor noted that he had been photographed without a mask with a crowd of Black Lives Matter protesters, even as the pandemic raged on.

Here's a local news video about Garcetti's threat:

Officials cracking down on large parties in L.A. www.youtube.com

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