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Georgia coronavirus patient details scary health struggle, says Pence personally called him with prayers


Bentley was gravely ill

Image source: CNN video screenshot

Clay Bentley of Rome, Georgia, says that Vice President Mike Pence personally called him with prayers for recovery after his coronavirus diagnosis.

What are the details?

According to the Daily Mail, Bentley fell ill and went to an urgent care clinic in Rome, Georgia.

Bentley, who previously suffered through the flu, said that he could barely stand after contracting the illness, which is now a pandemic.

When he arrived at the clinic, his oxygen levels were alarmingly low, and it was later determined that he had double pneumonia caused by coronavirus.

"I was coughing and I was having a fever," he said. "Sweating. Cold chills. I didn't even have enough energy to stand up. ... I've had the flu before, but I ain't never felt this bad."

Bentley, who sings in a Georgia church choir, said that he was referred to a nearby hospital, but they discharged him and did not initially test him for coronavirus because he hadn't recently been out of the country. When he got worse, he phoned the hospital and told them that it seemed like they "sent me home to die."

When he returned to the hospital, he received a coronavirus diagnosis.

What else?

Bentley took to Facebook to reveal that Pence called him to wish him well.

He wrote, "So you know your [sic] living in a great country when the Vice President calls you to tell you that he is personally praying for your recovery."

"Mike Pence, you sir are such a great leader," he continued, "and sharing the Love of Jesus with you was an honor!!!"

Anything else?

The outlet reports that Bentley remains hospitalized and under quarantine. His wife, son, and grandchild are also under quarantine.

A statement from Bentley's church revealed that there were two confirmed cases of coronavirus over the last two weeks.

"We received an official word today from the Northwest Georgia Department of Public Health that there were two confirmed positive cases of COVID-19 that attended the Church at Liberty Square Sunday morning services over the last two weeks," the statement read. The church revealed that it would be cancelling services until Sunday, March 15.

"Our ministry team is being advised to wash their hands, practice good hygiene and stay home if they are sick," the statement cautioned.

What's Bentley's advice?

"It didn't look good for awhile," he said in a video obtained CNN. "It's been a hard road. But I'm here to tell you, that when you've got the word of God to stand on, there ain't no weapon formed against you that can prosper."

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