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Rudy Giuliani excoriates 'totally incompetent' Mayor de Blasio over video of assault against NYPD cops


"This goes back to Obama, this goes back to Hillary Clinton!"

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Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani took the current mayor to the woodshed after videos went viral of assault perpetrated on NYPD police officers.

Giuliani was on Fox News on Tuesday when he made the comments to Sean Hannity.

"Well this is very very dangerous, Sean, and it's the result of years and years by this totally incompetent mayor of anti-police rhetoric going way back to when he was first in office and a guy came from Baltimore and assassinated officers Liu and Ramos," said Giuliani.

He was referring to the shooting deaths of NYPD officers Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu in 2014.

"Assassinated them in a car," he continued, "After he had made some very very scurrilous comments about the NYPD. The NYPD is the greatest law enforcement agency in the world, Sean. It's not an all-white police department. It's 50 percent nothing, it's white black, Asian."

Hannity claimed that had he been in the police officers place that he would have fought back against the mob attacking him.

Giuliani said that the police officer was on probation and he knew that de Blasio would have turned on him if he had acted against the assault.

"This goes back to Obama, this goes back to Hillary Clinton, not allowing uniformed police officers at the Democratic convention!" he exclaimed. "They're disgraceful!"

Giuliani went on to call De Blasio a disgrace and blamed him for what he said was an increase in random shootings in New York City.

Videos of the assault on the NYPD police officers went viral on social media, causing many to blame the lax law enforcement policies implemented by de Blasio.

The mayor responded via a tweet from his social media account.

"A video from the 28 Precinct shows people interfering in an arrest by throwing water and objects at officers," he said.

"The NYPD kept New Yorkers safe through the heat wave and last night's outages," de Blasio added. "We won't tolerate this kind of disrespect. NYPD is investigating."

Here's the interview with Giuliani:

Giuliani slams de Blasio over NYPD officers harassed on patrolwww.youtube.com

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