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Glenn Beck travels to Middle East, shares updates from Afghanistan rescue efforts and photos featuring scores of Afghan Christians boarding private planes
Photo by Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Glenn Beck travels to Middle East, shares updates from Afghanistan rescue efforts and photos featuring scores of Afghan Christians boarding private planes

Conservative firebrand Glenn Beck's and the Nazarene Fund's incredible efforts in rescuing Afghan Christian refugees are paying off, and Beck and the Nazarene Fund together have been able to free scores and scores of people from war-torn Afghanistan.

At the time of this reporting, the Nazarene Fund has raised more than $30 million to aid in the rescue of Afghan refugees.

What are the details?

In an early Wednesday morning Instagram update, Beck wrote, "I cannot specify for international relations and security reasons exactly where I am today, but I am in the Middle East at the home base of operations for @thenazarenefund. I will try to join radio/podcast right at the top 9amE on @theblazetv."

Later Wednesday morning, it was reported that the Nazarene Fund had already rescued hundreds of Afghan Christian families after having arrived there earlier this week.

Late Tuesday night, Beck shared video of himself from what appeared to be a plane, in which he said, "Just got a briefing a few minutes ago on what's been happening today and what's been going on overseas. We are still moving people at this point, it's like you're a Christian, you're a female judge, I don't care, get on the plane, from Afghanistan. It is horrible, horrible to hear that we are now cutting our time short — 72 hours — why is the United States now making a bad situation much, much worse by having them cut our deadline?

"And now ISIS and the Taliban are outside of the gate and they're fighting with each other," Beck continued. "All that has to happen is for the Marines to go through the gate and say, 'Back your ass up and get out. We'll see you on the 31st.' But for some reason we're not doing it. I don't understand it. America — we are not these people. We do not leave people behind — ever. Ever.

"Call your senator, call your congressman, tell them to put the heat on the State Department," he urged. "This is not the military; this is the administration and the State Department. Call them. Believe me. They need to hear from you right now. This is an abomination, what is happening. So you know, there is a lot of good that is happening as well. Mainly from other countries, but also from private citizens."

He continued, "The last update I have we were at $30 million. We are doing our best to make sure that every dime goes to the people who need it. Right now it's just paying for airplanes. Unfortunately, some of those airplanes — far too many of them — are sitting on a tarmac waiting for the State Department clearance. Please pray for all of those people who are in harm's way. Lord, we ask that you would just watch over them, keep them safe, if they are at the gates, Lord, let those gates open up for them, find a way in to the tarmac and for our planes to get off the ground and get to someplace safe. We also are very, very grateful for all of the countries that now want to remain nameless because they don't think the United States will support them — what does our support even mean anymore? They are afraid of being outed as a country that's taken some of these refugees because they know that the world has fallen to terror."

That same night, Beck shared an update on Facebook, writing, "Operation Nazarene Rescue: flight three has just taken off. Now 1200 Christians evacuated and flown to safety. It has been a good day! Thank you for the outpouring of prayers and support! Because of The Power Of One people will LIVE. Wow! Thank you for donating to @mercuryone.org and @thenazarenefund. America does care! America does not leave her own and the most vulnerable behind. WE CAN DO IT AS THE POWER IS WITH THE PEOPLE. We are America not our government. When they can't do it, private citizens step to the plate."

Beck previously stated that by the end of a week, the Nazarene Fund will be able to move at least 7,000 Christians out of Afghanistan and into safety as the Taliban continues to exact dangerous treatment on those in Kabul and across the country.

In an Instagram video taken last week before he departed for the Middle East, Beck said that "chaos at the airport" was creating incredibly frustrating conditions at the time.

"However," he countered, "we have lots of people on the tarmac now, these Christians we told you about, and more coming. We have engaged 20 757s minimum all lined up, ready to go. Because you donated to the Nazarene Fund, we can do this."

He added, "By the end of the week, we will be able to move 7,000 Christians. It's pretty remarkable."

Earlier Tuesday, Beck took to Facebook where he wrote, "Oh happy day! While we slept, @thenazarenefund was busy loading planes. This was the second plane load of Afghanistan Christian refugees leaving Kabul. More to come! Thank you for your prayers and kindness. We heal ourselves when we heal others."

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