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Grandmother threatens cop with witchcraft unless felony drug charges against grandson are dropped, police say

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A western Pennsylvania grandmother threatened to use witchcraft against a police officer if felony drug charges against her grandson aren't dropped, WTAJ-TV reported, citing a state police report.

What are the details?

Celestia Barker III, 74, of Williamsburg, is accused of calling Hollidaysburg Police on March 27 to ask an officer to drop the charges against her grandson since he had only a small amount of marijuana and a pipe, the station said.

Hollidaysburg is about two hours east of Pittsburgh; Williamsburg is about 20 minutes east of Hollidaysburg.

Barker allegedly told the officer she practices “witch” activities and that he’d suffer fates such as falling down stairs and feeling like someone pushed him if he failed to drop the charges, WTAJ said, adding that she said she wasn’t threatening anyone but just “making statements,” citing the filed charges.

The officer hung up, but Barker called back numerous times and also dialed Blair County Dispatch three times, the station said, citing court records. During one call, Barker allegedly spoke with a dispatcher for 23 minutes, saying she'd use “white witchery” on the officer if the felony charges weren’t dropped, WTAJ reported.

Barker allegedly left a voicemail for the officer saying there may be “some consequences" unless the charges are dropped, the station said.

Doubling down

When state police questioned Barker, the station said she replied, “Yes, I did do that. Is there a law against it?”

Why, yes, police replied, there is a law against it, WTAJ said — but Barker reportedly just doubled down, telling a trooper she practices “white witchery” and that cops “best be looking over their shoulder.”

What happened next?

The station said Barker is now facing a felony charge of threatening unlawful harm to a public servant to the judicial process and that she was released on $10,000 unsecured bail. WTAJ said her preliminary hearing is scheduled for April 26.

What is 'white witchery'?

Why Barker allegedly threatened the cop with bad circumstances is anyone's guess, particularly as it appears white witches aren't in the business of casting evil spells; instead they aim to "do good for the world and greater community" through "healing, blessing, charms, incantations, prayers, and songs."

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