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A grocery store spokesman admits shortages are unprecedented — and says when shelves will be restocked


'Bottom line, food is there, don't panic, buy what you need'

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A representative for grocery stores across the country says that there is no reason to be alarmed about shortages being documented on social media over the coronavirus pandemic.

Greg Ferrara, the president and CEO of the National Grocers Association, told Amna Nawaz of PBS that shoppers should stop panicking about empty shelves at grocery stores.

"Our supply chain is experiencing [a] truly unprecedented event with this crisis. We've never seen levels like this across the United States," said Ferrara.

"There's plenty of supply in the supply chain; we just need time to catch up," he explained.

Ferrara said that customers are buying a month's worth of groceries, which is causing the temporary shortages. He said that the supply chain has not been broken and store shelves should be restocked very quickly.

"There's plenty of food, and there's plenty of food in the pipeline, we're getting it to the shelves quickly, it's just going off the shelves as quickly as we get it on there," he said.

Ferrara also added that the increase in demand for groceries has led to a demand for workers.

"Bottom line, food is there, don't panic, buy what you need," concluded Nawaz.

"Yes," Ferrara replied.

Ferrara's association represents over 1,500 independent grocers operating close to 9,000 stores.

Here's the interview on PBS:

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