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'Disgusting, vile ... pieces of crap': Caregivers allegedly livestream abuse of dementia patient

Image source: Brevard County Sheriff's Office

Two Florida women were arrested after allegedly livestreaming abuse of an elderly patient with dementia, according to the Brevard County Sheriff's Office.

"Our corrections team ... will treat these two pieces of crap with professionalism, and they'll do their job," Brevard County Sheriff Wayne Ivey said Friday in a video posted to YouTube.

Ivey further described the suspects as "disgusting" and "vile."

"If they let me [set the bond limit], the bond would be 'when hell freezes over," Sheriff Ivey said. He noted that the state sets the bond limits.

The women, 20-year-old Shy'tiona Jazziemysha Bishop and 18-year-old Jada Ariana Harris, allegedly used Snapchat to livestream the abuse of an elderly woman.

Bishop and Harris, both of Cocoa, Florida, were arrested Friday afternoon and transported to the Brevard County Jail, according to BCSO records. Harris' bond was set at $6,000, and Bishop's was set at $4,000. Both were released Saturday and are awaiting trial.

Harris, the younger of the two, faces three charges. They include video voyeurism; abuse or neglect of elderly or disabled adults, and interception or disclosure of wire, oral, or electronic communications. Bishop's charges include video voyeurism and abuse or neglect of an elderly or disabled adult.

Both women were immediately fired from their positions as healthcare workers at a local facility. The facility "did everything right" after they were alerted to the situation, according to Sheriff Ivey.

The pair allegedly streamed four separate clips of an elderly, female Market Street Memory Care resident, WKMG reported.

As they streamed the clip, the suspects and viewers mocked and laughed at the victim. Harris reportedly read aloud one comment to "lock [the victim] in the closet," after which she laughs and says "I didn't even do nothing."

Other videos show the women locking the patient out of the bathroom as the patient bangs on the door and another where the patient is heard saying "help me" and Bishop responds "ain't no help you."

At least one video segment involves mockery over an adult diaper.

"I’ve asked out team to make sure they work closely with the state attorney’s office and the judicial system to make sure that these two can never be involved in any type of healthcare again in their lives," Sheriff Ivey also said.

"I’ll be honest with you, I wouldn’t let them care for a pet cobra because he might accidentally bite ‘em and he would die of scumbag poisoning."

The victim is now "safe and sound with true, professional healthcare workers," Ivey noted, adding that the bulk of healthcare workers treat their patients with dignity and respect.

Watch Brevard County Sheriff Wayne Ivey deliver details about Jada Harris' and Shy’Tiona Bishop's arrest and alleged crimes below. A word of caution to viewers: this video contains graphic depictions of the abuse of an elderly woman.

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