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Highly disturbing video shows suspect repeatedly pistol-whipping police officer


It's a difficult video to watch

Image source: LA Times video screenshot

Now-viral surveillance video captured the moment a suspect walked into a Los Angeles police station and repeatedly pistol-whipped an officer.

What are the details?

On Monday, the Los Angeles Times reported that the suspect — identified as 29-year-old Jose Cerpa Guzman — entered the Harbor Division station in San Pedro, California, on Saturday night. Guzman, who appears to be wearing a straw hat, can be seen entering the station and approaching a police officer inside.

The two can be seen engaging in what appears to be tense conversation as Guzman attempts to strike the officer with his hand. The suspect misses the first time, but connects a second time, driving the unnamed officer to the ground.

Guzman and the officer can be seen struggling on the floor of the station as the suspect is able to wrest away the officer's weapon.

The outlet reported that Guzman was able to snatch away the officer's 9 mm Beretta handgun, and in the video, Guzman can be seen pointing the gun at the officer's chest as the suspect gets to his feet and attempts to flee through the station's front doors.

A second officer can be seen entering the scene at this point and sees the officer lying on the floor and the suspect attempting to flee.

The officer then runs after the suspect and draws her gun, but the suspect appears to attempt firing a shot from the first officer's weapon. The officer takes cover, and a third officer enters the lobby with gun drawn.

Officer will recover

The Times reported that the suspect repeatedly pulled the trigger, but a "safety mechanism had prevented the gun from firing," according to Newsweek.

"The officer would have been dead if it had not," an LAPD official told the Times.

In a Monday statement shared to Twitter, LAPD Chief Michel Moore said that the first officer sustained "bumps and bruises" during the attack.

He wrote, "Spoke with officer at hospital. He is resting and will be ok. Bumps and bruises. He was not shot. Harbor unit responding pursued suspect and took him into custody."

What else?

A Twitter statement from the LAPD read, "The Watch Commander heard the commotion and responded to the lobby, at which time an officer involved shooting occurred. The suspect ran to a white pick-up truck and drove off. Responding officers observed the suspects [sic] vehicle and pursued the suspect to Pacific Avenue and 17th Street where he was taken into custody. The suspect sustained minor abrasions, was medically treated and was released for booking."

Where is the suspect now?

Guzman remains jailed and is expected to be in court on Tuesday. His bail has been set at $2.23 million.

According to KABC-TV, the LAPD will address the attack in a report to be released within 45 days.

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