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Twitter mocks gray root sacrifice of actress showing solidarity with front-line workers, and she lashes out


When social media makes snap judgments, they're not always accurate

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Actress Hilarie Burton posted that she was going to forego dying her roots to show solidarity with front-line medical workers, but when social media mocked her sacrifice, she lashed out in her own defense.

Burton responded to countless snarky messages on Twitter after the New York Post reported on her social media admission.

"For all of our frontline and essential workers who are too busy to fuss with things like hair color, I grow mine out in solidarity with you," Burton said. "When I see it, I'm reminded of all you're doing to keep us safe. I'm reminded that you deserve to be taken care of."

Many on Twitter mocked the minor sacrifice of the "One Tree Hill" star without taking the time to search out the other efforts she had made to help those fighting the coronavirus pandemic.

"[I]f you're a celebrity doing anything except donating a lot of money and being very outspoken about government failures then you're being annoying. we don't care. zip up your trousers and log off. clownery!!!!" responded writer Beth McColl.

Burton replies

Burton swatted down a number of critics and said the "s***ty" article misled people about her efforts.

"Cool article," she responded. "Here's what else I'm up to: Made over 100 masks. Supporting frontline with PPE I've personally purchased. Giving cash to local shop owners. Taking care of restaurants by raising $ to feed hospital staff."

Some deleted their snarky responses after Burton pointed out that she was doing more than letting her roots go gray.

"The article made me look so s***ty. So I'm not mad at anyone that made fun of it. I'd just like to use it as an opportunity to direct them to the stuff we are trying to do to help. Making masks. Supporting small business. Securing PPE. Xo," Burton tweeted.

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