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Hillary Clinton ally mocks Mitch McConnell, a polio survivor, for video of him stumbling on stairs


And he doubled down in response to backlash

Adam Parkhomenko, aide to Hillary Clinton. (PAUL J. RICHARDS/AFP/Getty Images)

A consultant who was one of the closest advisers to presidential candidate Hillary Clinton posted a video mocking Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell for falling while climbing stairs. After being informed that McConnell was a polio survivor, the former Clinton aide doubled down and posted it again.

What's this about? Adam Parkhomenko posted a CBS News clip Wednesday showing McConnell stumbling and falling on the stairs approaching a podium.

Parkhomenko captioned the video, "I've obtained new footage of Mitch McConnell standing up for America."

The video received thousands of views and went viral. Parkhomenko felt so good about it that he reposted it the next day, asking for more views.

So what's the problem? As many of those who responded to Parkhomenko's tweets pointed out, McConnell survived Polio as a child. One of the lasting effects of that disease is that he struggles sometimes with stairs.

Some called Parkhomenko to delete the tweet, now that he had knowledge of McConnell's situation. Parkhomenko declined to do so.

"Weird how we never hear about McConnell's polio when he's trying to take away people's healthcare or looking the other way when Rand goes anti-vaxxer," Parkhomenko wrote. "I will delete the tweet when Mitch stops trying to take away coverage from those with pre-existing conditions general."

More about Mr. Parkhomenko: Parkhomenko was the executive director for the Ready for Hillary super PAC. Last year, he threw his support behind Michael Avenatti for the Democratic nomination in 2020. Avenatti is now facing numerous felony charges for extortion and tax fraud, and is no longer seeking the nomination.

"[Avenatti] is kind of like Teflon," Parkhomenko said in October. "And I think Trump has got serious problems, many of them appear to be criminal, and somehow that guy continues to survive. And the stuff they are throwing at Michael is ridiculous and isn't going to change a single vote."

(H/T The Daily Wire)

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