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Texas HOA demands family take down Christmas decorations because it's just too early. Family says they won't comply.


'Are you serious?'

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A Texas family says their homeowners' association demanded that they take down the inflatable snowman that the family erected on their front lawn because it's too early for Christmas decorations.

In addition to the snowman, the family also put up a reindeer and a Santa helicopter.

What are the details?

Claudia Simonis, who lives with her husband and children at Lakeside at Canyon Springs in San Antonio, Texas, told NBC News that she and her family decided to put up their Christmas decorations on Nov. 1.

The family opted for the early set-up because Claudia is pregnant with the couple's third child who is due next month and wanted to make sure that their elder sons, 7 and 3, would be able to fully enjoy their holiday season.

The Simonis family's display was up for just three days before the community HOA sent a letter insisting the snowman display violated HOA terms and must be taken down. Claudia said that the letter didn't mention the reindeer or Santa helicopter.

The letter read, "Maintenance — holiday decorations need to be removed. Please remove the snowman until closer to the holiday season."

Claudia said that she was shocked to receive such a notice.

"I just couldn't believe it," she said. "My husband sent it to me, and I said, 'Are you serious?'"

She added, "I feel kind of heavy, so the earlier we can put out the decorations, the better. Because probably in two more weeks, I'm not going to be able to build all this."

Claudia's husband Nick told KOIA-TV that he was not happy with the letter.

"I was like, 'Wow, that's a first,'" Nick said. "I was angry, because there's a reason why we're doing it."

Nick said that he refuses to comply with the HOA's ambiguous directive.

"We're not going to do it," Nick insisted. "It's the Christmas spirit. We're not going to be forced by the HOA to take it down."

In fact, KOIA reported that other residents of the community are joining the cause and putting up their Christmas decorations in solitude with the Simonis family.

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