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Howard Kurtz calls for liberal actress Ellen Page to apologize to Mike Pence over Smollet hoax
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Howard Kurtz calls for liberal actress Ellen Page to apologize to Mike Pence over Smollet hoax

The liberal Hollywood activist rushed to blame Pence

Howard Kurtz of Fox News excoriated actress Ellen Page for her rush to blame Vice President Mike Pence for the alleged homophobic attack on "Empire" actor Jussie Smollett that turned out to be a hoax.

"Ellen Page is engaged in pure damage control, trying to change the subject," Kurtz said Thursday.

"She didn't just rush to judgment on Jussie Smollett's hoax," he explained, "she blamed [Vice President] Mike Pence and to a lesser extent [President] Donald Trump. She went on Stephen Colbert and said we have to connect the dots for a supposedly homophobic attack that never happened.

"Now it's fine for her to pivot to you know the reality of hate crimes, whether they deserve more coverage, I don't have any quarrel with that, but she's not expressing a smidgin of regret," he added.

"Ellen Page owes Mike Pence an apology for smearing him over a non-existent attack," Kurtz concluded.

Kurtz went on to point out that some journalists were honest enough to admit they had spoken too soon on the case, but Page had not.

"How about expressing some sort of regret for what you did?" he said.

"She immediately went to the political," he continued. "And then it turns out this never happened. In fact it was a spectacular racially-charged hoax, and she just kinda writes around that."

Smollett initially claimed that he was beaten by two Trump supporters who doused him with bleach and placed a noose around his neck while yelling homophobic and racist slurs.

After weeks of investigating the matter, the Chicago police said that they had discovered enough evidence to charge Smollett with felony charges related to filing a false report with the police.

That evidence stemmed from their questioning of a pair of brothers who accused the actor of orchestrating a fake attack in order to garner sympathy and increase his income from the show he starred in.

Page, who is gay, has also used her position to bully actor Chris Pratt about being outspokenly supportive of the Christian faith.

Here's the video of Kurtz's scolding of Page:

Kurtz: Ellen Page owes Pence an apology over a nonexistent attackwww.youtube.com

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