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Hundreds of Hondurans form new caravan headed to the US


'There are more than 800, almost a thousand'

Orlando Sierra/AFP/Getty Images

Nearly 1,000 Central Americans gathered Tuesday night in northern Honduras where they formed a new caravan with hopes of traveling to the United States, France 24 reported.

"There are more than 800, almost a thousand," a police official told Agence France-Presse. The Red Cross reported the same number, according to France 24.

The group, prompted by a social media call, gathered in the northern Honduras town of San Pedro Sula near the border of Guatemala to begin their long journey en masse.

The large number reportedly caught authorities off guard since similar calls in recent months had gone mostly ignored.

The asylum-seekers cite widespread violence, drug traffickers, and poverty as reasons for fleeing their country where political corruption has caused instability.

"We are done with this government," Alex Perez said. "There is no work."

Are there children among the group?

There were single travelers, along with a number of migrants who appeared to be traveling as family units with children, according to France 24.

Many of the migrants packed into minibuses and started on their journeys.

The influx of adults traveling with children has exhausted U.S. agencies' resources and has placed serious strains on local organizations trying to help feed and care for the migrants.

"The numbers are overwhelming right now," Gregory Archambault, ICE director of enforcement and removal operations in San Diego, said last week. "Everybody is stressed. The agency is stressed, the [local governments] are stressed, the law enforcement agencies. Everybody is stressed because there are these mass numbers of people."Thousands of Central American caravans have traveled to the U.S. in similar convoys since October.

What else?

President Donald Trump recently threatened to close the southern border to try to stop the migrants from coming into the U.S.

A record number of more than 100,000 immigrants crossed the U.S. border last month. More than 55,000 of those apprehended in March arrived in the U.S. as family units, which must be handled differently than adults traveling on their own.

Overwhelmed agency officials are forced to release illegal immigrants who are caught crossing the border.

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