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Ex-Obama staffer willing to testify under oath that Joe and Hunter Biden were involved in Burisma 'kickback scheme'

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A former Obama administration staffer declared that he is willing to testify under oath that in 2014, then-Vice President Joe Biden was involved in a "kickback scheme." The ex-Obama staffer alleged that the kickback scheme included Hunter Biden and Ukrainian gas firm Burisma.

Mike McCormick was a stenographer for the White House for 15 years – including for the Obama administration from 2011 until 2017. McCormick stated that he was aboard Air Force Two on April 21, 2014. The vice president and aide Jake Sullivan reportedly addressed the press during a trip to Kyiv, Ukraine.

"I'm sitting back there with a tape recorder. Jake Sullivan comes back and somebody asks about fracking," McCormick told Fox News. "His answer is, well, we're bringing a lot of American assistance over for fracking. Burisma was the direct beneficiary of that fracking, and that's what I recorded, and that's in a White House transcript."

The official White House transcript noted that a "senior administration official" informed the press that the U.S. government would provide Ukraine with "technology that would be required to extract unconventional gas resources."

McCormick said that official was Sullivan – who is now President Biden's national security adviser.

The senior administration official noted that "technical assistance teams from the Treasury Department and elsewhere" would be "put on the ground" in Ukraine to "help ensure" that money from Europe is "allocated in an effective way."

Three days before the senior administration official with the Obama administration promised to assist Ukraine with its energy needs, Hunter Biden joined Burisma. However, Burisma didn't announce that Biden was on its board until May 12, 2014.

McCormick said, "In the transcript, you don't know who Jake Sullivan is. It's a senior administration official. I'm the witness that says Jake Sullivan is the guy who said it, and he should be investigated because at the time Hunter Biden was on the board of Burisma, and Joe Biden is bringing American taxpayer money to enrich that company and himself and his family."

In November 2014, the White House boasted that it had committed nearly $320 million in assistance to Ukraine that year, as well as a $1 billion sovereign loan guarantee. The money was said to assist Ukraine with economic stabilization, security sector capacity building, national unity, democracy, human rights, anti-corruption initiatives, humanitarian assistance, trade diversification, and energy security.

McCormick told the Daily Mail, "Now that I've looked in Hunter's laptop, I realize that Sullivan was telling the press we're going to be helping Ukraine's fracking industry. Burisma Holdings was one of the only companies licensed to do fracking in Ukraine. And Joe Biden would have known that."

The Daily Mail reported this month, "According to energy industry publication KeyFactsEnergy.com it began using hydraulic fracturing, known as fracking, in 2016 and by May 2019 used the technology in 10% of its wells. A Burisma executive explained how the company benefited from the help of US expertise in Ukraine, in a 2017 interview with Ukrainian trade publication Nefterynok."

Reuters reported that Burisma had revenues of at least $400 million in 2018.

McCormick said that he had notified the FBI of the allegations and is willing to testify under oath before the federal grand jury investigating Hunter in Delaware.

"In February, I went to the FBI and filed one of their tips on their website. If you do that, and you're lying to them, you go to jail. I'm not lying. I'm telling the truth, and I'm not going to jail," McCormick proclaimed. "Joe Biden is a criminal. He was conducting malfeasance in office to enrich his family. Jake Sullivan is a conspirator in that, and there's more Obama officials involved in it, I believe."

McCormick said former President Barack Obama should be called as a witness in the grand jury investigation "because he's part of the conspiracy."

Biden has repeatedly denied accusations that he has discussed his son's overseas business dealings or has financially benefitted from any alleged influence-peddling by Hunter Biden.

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'Joe Biden is a criminal': Obama-era staffer blows whistle on Biden's business dealswww.youtube.com

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