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'I put lead in him going down the steps': 74-year-old homeowner known as 'Lurch' can't imagine why he'd be charged for shooting teen intruder

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A 74-year-old homeowner in Akron, Ohio, said he can't image why he'd face charges after shooting a 16-year-old male who broke into his residence Tuesday morning by crashing through his glass front door.

What are the details?

The homeowner — known as "Lurch" — was watching television the morning after his birthday when he said the intruder knocked all the glass out of his front door and broke in, WKYC-TV reported.

“I heard this hellacious crash, and he comes running right through my front door,” Lurch told WOIO-TV.

Lurch added to WKYC he stepped into the hall and saw a person opening his basement door. Lurch fired his 380 Luger, which he keeps close by him, WOIO said.

Image source: YouTube screenshot

“He dives down the basement as I put lead in him going down the steps,” he told WOIO.

Lurch noted to WKYC that the suspect "rolled on the steps and started moving that way and I shot him again. And he lived."

What happened next?

Akron police were called to the scene in the 700 block of Johnston Street just before 7:30 a.m., WKYC said, adding that the teen was taken to Akron Children's Hospital in stable condition with multiple gunshot wounds.

Lurch was not injured, the station said.

Police told WKYC that the incident “will be further evaluated to determine if or when charges might be applied."

Lt. Michael Miller with Akron police added to WKYC that "most would agree that within reason someone has a right to defend themselves, so in that someone broke into his house, in that he's confronted with an unknown person with an unknown motive, all those things will be taken into consideration."

'Those shots were good'

“Those shots were good,” Lurch told WOIO. “I don’t like people breaking into my home.”

When the station asked him if he believes he might face charges, Lurch replied, "I better not. I am in my own home, and he breaks into it."

He added to WKYC that "nobody else better break in; it'll be a bigger gun this time."

Akron man shoots alleged teen intruder inside his home youtu.be

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