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Fox News reporter traps woefully unprepared KJP with basic questions contradicting Biden narrative on border crisis
Image source: YouTube screenshot

Fox News reporter traps woefully unprepared KJP with basic questions contradicting Biden narrative on border crisis

Fox News correspondent Jacqui Heinrich helped expose on Friday the Biden administration's hypocrisy on the border crisis.

In January, the Supreme Court ruled that Border Patrol agents could cut through razor wire that Texas officials installed to encourage migrants not to enter the U.S. illegally. Government official had argued the barrier prevented Border Patrol agents from acting in emergency situations.

But Border Patrol official have not yet removed the razor wire, and White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre was woefully unprepared to answer questions about that inconvenient fact.

"Is the administration coming around to the idea that physical border barriers work?" Heinrich asked Jean-Pierre.

"Can you say more? What do you mean? Where's this coming from?" the press secretary responded.

"Well, it’s been six weeks since you guys won the Supreme Court case that would have allowed you to remove razor wire at the Texas border that you guys argued there’s an emergency, immediate need to take down. But it's still up. So DHS hasn’t touched it," Heinrich explained. "Why is it still up?"

Cornered with the truth, Jean-Pierre refused to answer the question. And despite having pontificated from the James S. Brady Press Briefing Room lectern about the razor wire before, Jean-Pierre told Heinrich to speak with Homeland Security if she wanted an answer.

Unfortunately for Jean-Pierre, the Fox News reporter was not finished.

In a follow-up question, Heinrich drilled down on President Joe Biden's narrative that he cannot take executive action to stymie the migrant crisis. Biden, in fact, has argued that his hands are tied and any solution requires Congress to act.

But, as Heinrich pointed out, Biden "took 94 or so executive actions in his first 100 days that largely loosened immigration policy."

"So, why doesn't the president act like he said it's time to do and start undoing some of those policies that he put in place right when he got into office?" Heinrich asked.

Completely defeated, Jean-Pierre responded by invoking her tried-and-(not)-true talking points: Biden has taken action "over and over and over again," but Republicans are really to blame for the border crisis growing completely out of control.

"You've used executive orders when you wanted to," Heinrich fact-checked.

Jean-Pierre, however, refused to concede defeat and continued to blame "shameful" Republicans and Congress for a problem that flourished when Biden rescinded Trump-era immigration policies.

"But in the meantime, while he's shaming people for not acting, he is also not acting," Heinrich pointed out.

"I am so sorry. That is so false. He has taken action. He has taken action," Jean-Pierre claimed, unable to cite any such "action."

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