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Politico quotes reporter saying that 'Jawing with Jen [Psaki] just makes you look like an asshole'

NICHOLAS KAMM/AFP via Getty Images

Politico quoted a journalist as saying that "Jawing with" White House press secretary Jen Psaki "makes you look like an asshole."

The reporter indicated that covering the White House is "less rewarding" than it was during the Trump administration.

"Jen [Psaki] is very good at her job, which is unfortunate," the reporter said, according to Politico. "And the work is a lot less rewarding, because you’re no longer saving democracy from Sean Spicer and his Men’s Wearhouse suit. Jawing with Jen just makes you look like an asshole."

The outlet did not give the identity of the reporter who made the remarks.

Spicer served as then-President Donald Trump's White House press secretary during the first six months of the administration.

Psaki has served as the White House press secretary since the beginning of the Biden administration.

"This is the most pathetic thing I have ever read," Jerry Dunleavy of the Washington Examiner tweeted along with a link to the Politico piece and a screenshot of the unidentified reporter's quote. "BTW what possible good reason could there be for Politico to grant this reporter anonymity?" Dunleavy asked in another tweet.

"The Washington Press Corp is like a herd of zombies," someone tweeted.

"We could replace the entire White House press corps with the savviest non-pro-media people on Twitter, and while a few journos' contributions would be missed, the overall caliber of public discourse and journalistic seriousness would skyrocket," someone else remarked .

Washington Free Beacon editor-in-chief Eliana Johnson tagged Politico White House reporter Max Tani, the author of the Politico piece, and asked Tani to "please unmask the identity of the idiot who told you this."

"Only a liberal reporter can think Jen Psaki is very good at her job. She is objectively not," Karol Markowicz tweeted.

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