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JK Rowling fires back perfect response to people using children to push trans agenda: 'I almost forgot the kid was imaginary'
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JK Rowling fires back perfect response to people using children to push trans agenda: 'I almost forgot the kid was imaginary'

Author J.K. Rowling went viral on Sunday for her response to critics who use their children to attack her.

What is the background?

For years, Rowling has been attacked for believing the transgender agenda — and particularly the idea that biological men can "become women" — cheapens the value of women. Her opponents condemn her as a "TERF," or trans-exclusionary radical feminist.

Last week, Rowling once again riled up the pro-trans crowd when she responded to someone who suggested menstruation is a faulty criterion for determining what a woman is. Her interlocutor claimed that "lots of women don't menstruate," citing birth control, menopause, and hysterectomies; thus you cannot use menstruation as a boundary marker for women and men.

Rowling responded by exposing the absurdity of the logic. "Logic a nine-year-old could demolish. A) Dogs bark B) This isn't barking, therefore C) This isn't a dog."

What happened now?

On Sunday, the billionaire author of "Harry Potter" mocked trans activists who use children to bash her.

She posted several messages that she had received on Twitter. One read, "My trans daughter used to love your books, but after you became a bigot she cried and asked me, 'daddy, why do people hate those who are different from them?' I don't know baby, I don't know."

Another said, "JK Rowling, i have a 12 year old trans daughter and she cries every time she sees one of your transphobic posts. She is a huge fan of Harry Potter but seeing the author of her favorite book series being so bigoted is heartbreaking. Please, J.K, make my daughter happy again."

The messages all followed a similar pattern: a trans child who once loved Rowling's work, but now thinks Rowling is a bigot for believing that biology matters.

In response, Rowling mocked the critics and called them out for using "imaginary" children to advance the trans agenda.

"My one-year-old son just looked up from Twitter and said, 'Mummy, why have you made these very real children sad with your heinous yet unevidenced bigotry?'" she mocked. "Then he ran upstairs and burned all his Potter books. I was so damn ashamed I almost forgot the kid was imaginary."

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