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Former Navy SEAL Jocko Willink posts gut-check message to all of us as Taliban rolls through Afghanistan: 'When there is no will to fight, evil will win'

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Former Navy SEAL Jocko Willink is a certified American badass.

Whether it was his multiple deployments throughout the world, his leadership in the battle of Ramadi, or even now his daily 4 a.m. workouts to "get a jump on the enemy," Willink knows exactly what it takes to defeat evil.

Evil, in fact, that we're seeing right now as the Taliban once again takes over Afghanistan.

But never fear. Willink — who's become a sought-after motivational speaker since leaving the U.S. military — has some words for us to ponder in the face of this catastrophe.

Except don't think for a minute it's a message underscoring that "everything will be OK."

What did he say?

No. Willink on Monday instead declared on Facebook that we're all responsible for defeating evil. And that it will take blood and sacrifice.

The biggest gut-check of all, he writes, is that if we're not willing to stand up and fight, evil will win:

There is evil in the world.
If given the opportunity, it will grow in strength and power.
The only thing that can stop evil is people willing to stand and fight and sacrifice to destroy it.
When there is no will to fight, evil will win.
Innocent people will suffer.
Darkness will expand.
But there are people who do have the will to fight.
They will never surrender to the tyranny of evil.
I served with many of these men and women.
The battle is fraught with blood and tears.
Failure and defeat.
Anguish and loss.
But the good and brave souls will hold the line and, in the end:
Righteousness will prevail.

How did folks respond?

Willlink's post has picked up some steam, and a number of his readers were inspired and quickened by his words:

  • "90% of people won't do anything unless it shows up on their personal doorstep. Even then, people want someone else to take the risk," one commenter wrote. "Until we all see our nation as our doorstep and step up and unite, evil will win."
  • "This makes me sick to my stomach. But evil is out there, and we must face it and deal with it. Every day. Every moment. Through unmitigated self discipline. Through true freedom," another commenter added. "And yes, freedom is not free."
  • "What can you do if the population of the country is not willing to fight for their own freedom?" another commenter wondered. "We may find out at home in the not to distant future."

Here's a look back at Willink's interview with Glenn Beck, founder of TheBlaze. The whole clip is worth watching, but the segment below focuses on Willink's experience fighting evil:

Jocko Willink | The Glenn Beck Podcast | Ep 38 youtu.be

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