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Kamala Harris claims Giuliani has 'clearly broken many laws' — but crumbles when confronted by Anderson Cooper


'Well, I, I, I...'

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Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) claimed Friday that Rudy Giuliani has "clearly broken many laws" — but crumbled under the weight of her unsubstantiated claims when pressed by CNN host Anderson Cooper.

"I'm just glad to see that the process is beginning to really do the investigation into Rudy Giuliani. He has clearly broken many laws," Harris told Cooper.

The Democratic presidential contender was responding to news that Giuliani — who works as President Donald Trump's personal attorney — attempted to secure a State Department visa for ousted Ukraine prosecutor Viktor Shokin, who had promised Giuliani dirt on Democrats, CNN reported.

Harris characterized Giuliani's actions as "further evidence of corruption" by the Trump administration. She said Giuliani's actions demonstrate a violation of an "extraordinary number of rules and ethical laws."

But when pressed by Cooper exactly what rules or laws Giuliani has violated, Harris could not name a single one.

"Are there specific laws that you believe has broken," Cooper asked.

"Well, I, I, I don't know," Harris responded.

The California lawmaker went on to speculate on the "range" of crimes she thinks Giuliani has committed, citing abuse of power, bribery, and lying about the breadth of his work. She did not, however, offer evidence to back any of her claims.

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