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Kamala Harris says she wants to change 'human behavior'


The Democratic hopeful's message came across ominous for some.

Image source: Twitter screenshot

Democrats running for the 2020 nomination have been upping the ante on core liberal premises lately, and among those, the most costly buy-ins are by far in global warming/climate change.

In that contest, Sen. Kamala Harris of California may have taken top prize (so far) when over the weekend she offered an ominous prescription for what ails the earth. Which is not to fix a problem for people but instead to fix people.

Conservatives reacting on Twitter see in this everything from basic government overreach to totalitarian and even dystopian overtones. Keep in mind, it is dystopia that these Democrats are promising will be the result of global climate change, with dire predictions becoming increasingly commonplace, from the campaign trail to cooking videos, so the term is not out of range for political discourse.

The essential premise espoused by Harris is one that has deep roots in the Democrat philosophy. Raising prices and taxes on everything from carbon-based fuel to fattening foods is a hallmark of Democrat legislating and rule-making, from Capitol Hill down to city halls across the country. It is in that sense not a surprising thought for Harris to have or even share, but it was delivered decidedly more "on the nose" than such liberal reflexes usually are by politicians hoping to win a popular vote.

Or as Stephen Miller put it on Twitter:

In fact, it's the kind of statement Democrats might hope to avoid saying in front of certain voters by avoiding debates on networks those voters watch. They want to socially engineer you, but maybe not let you know that yet.


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