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Kamala Harris mercilessly mocked after tweeting that US is 'moving again' due to infrastructure package when freezing drivers were stranded on I-95 near DC

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Vice President Kamala Harris was the recipient of a big dose of mockery after tweeting Tuesday that America is "moving again" due to the new, Democrat-backed $1.2 trillion infrastructure spending package.

"Because of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, America is moving again," Harris wrote in her ill-timed tweet. "That's what infrastructure is all about: getting people moving."

See, the problem was that the Harris tweet hailing the notion that "America is moving again" was posted at the same time hundreds of freezing motorists were still stranded on Interstate 95 in Virginia.

Traffic between Ruther Glen in Caroline County and Dumfries in Prince William County — not too far from Washington, D.C., where Harris calls home — came to standstill Monday and stayed that way overnight amid freezing temperatures and vehicles running out of gas.

How did folks react to Harris' tweet?

As you might imagine, quite a few commenters pointed out to the vice president that the stranded drivers in her figurative back yard likely weren't singing the praises of the infrastructure spending package or chanting "America is moving again!"

To wit:

And the hits just kept on coming:

  • "Why, why oh why would anyone think this tweet is a good idea at the same time I-95 is trending for a 12 hour+ 30-50 mile standstill?" one commenter wrote. "Are you guys *trying* to write GOP midterm attack ads for them?"
  • "Hey Kamala, Heads up: Someone on your social media comms team hates you," another user said. "Great timing."
  • "Of all the days to say this, today is the funniest," another user declared.
  • "You can’t seem to get your footing," another commenter said. "I’m trying to be supportive but when a major highway shuts down for over 20 hours with no solution, this is not the day for this tweet

Other commenters pointed out that Democratic U.S. Sen. Tim Kaine was among the stranded parties:

"One of your senators literally isn’t moving, he’s been stuck for 24 hours on the highway with thousands of other people because our infrastructure sucks butt," another user said in regard to Kaine.

Ready for another left-wing faux pas?

Others — presumably those left of center politically — enjoyed pointing out that the not-ready-for-freezing-weather roadways actually are the fault of Glenn Youngkin, a Republican who was elected Virginia governor in November:

Fair point — save for the fact that Youngkin hasn't yet taken office. He'll be inaugurated Jan. 15.

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