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Kanye West releases another gospel album on Christmas called 'Jesus Is Born'


His second Christian album this year

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Kanye West released a gospel album featuring his Sunday Service Choir on Christmas Day, continuing to solidify his transition from secular rapper to gospel music artist.

The album, aptly titled, "Jesus Is Born," posted to the major music streaming platform's not under West's name, but under the artist name Sunday Service Choir. The 19-song project is a more traditionally gospel album than its predecessor, October's "Jesus Is King".

"Jesus Is Born" features gospel choir arrangements executive produced by West. Some of the songs are well-known gospel songs performed by West's choir with some unique musical arrangements, while others are gospel versions of songs West has released in the past.

In October, West made his Christian music debut with the solo album, "Jesus Is King," which featured West as both producer and main vocalist, with the Sunday Service Choir featured on some of the songs. In a sharp turn from his previous music, which was often vulgar and sometimes considered blasphemous, West has said he will only produce Christian music going forward.

2019 was a year of transformation for West. He started the year (literally on day one) tweeting about politics — expressing his support for President Donald Trump and writing that black people are being controlled by the Democratic Party — even after saying he was done with politics following a meeting with Trump in the Oval Office the previous October.

Also in January, West kicked off his "Sunday Service" performances near his home outside of Los Angeles, giving the first public signs of his Christian conversion. Those performances, which were seen only through sporadic video recordings posted online, culminated with a Coachella show in April.

Over the next six months, West would perform at churches and other locations across the country with the Sunday Service Choir leading up to the "Jesus Is King" album.

Even the Sunday Service Choir director, Jason White, didn't expect the original Sunday Services to become a long-term gig.

"What I'm thinking is gonna be a week or two, now I've been in the company of Kanye West for the last 10 months," White told Rolling Stone. "I've spent every Sunday riding with him."

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