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Kentucky mom upset over 'body-shaming' assignment showing 'big girl being put on display'


The school board is now reviewing its first grade curriculum

Image source: WKYT-TV video screenshot

Kentucky mother Laural Lee Lewis says she was bothered and hurt by an assignment given to her first grade daughter at London Elementary School this week, and has gone to the press to make her case that the "body-shaming" exercise be overhauled.

What are the details?

Lewis spoke with local station WKYT-TV about her concerns, and shared the assignment where kids were shown pictures and tasked with circling which image fit the description of a given word. The offending question to Lewis was the last example on the page: students were asked to identify which drawing of two little girls could be described as "fat."

"The way they illustrated it, it bothered me more than anything," Lewis told WKYT. "Big girl being put on display. Just really hurt."

Lewis said she explained to her daughter that the assignment was an example of body shaming, adding, "Even if it was a skinny girl or the example for skinny, I feel that would still be body shaming that person because some people don't want to be called that."

Lewis also suggested different pictures should have been used for the exercise. She argued, "They could have used an animal. I gave an example of a cupcake, bigger cupcake, or little cupcake," Lewis said.

The Daily Mail reported that Lewis was bullied over her weight when she was a child, and feared the assignment could have triggered bullying against her daughter. "I thought to myself: 'They're gonna look at it and then look over at my daughter and say, Haha, you're this little girl. You're fat,'" she said.


The Laurel County Board of Education issued a statement to WKYT regarding the assignment, saying, "We were notified yesterday via news media of this concern. We have not had any parent report this concern to us. However, we are reviewing the curriculum to identify the concern."

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