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'You got into a fight': LA councilman argues with CNN anchor over refusal to resign

Image Courtesy CNN / YouTube (screenshot)

A very active week has continued for Los Angeles City Councilman Kevin de León, who found himself debating CNN anchor Kate Bolduan about whether or not he should resign over remarks he made during a meeting in which he compared another council member's child to a handbag.

Recently, de León also got into a full-blown fight with an activist named Jason Reedy, who confronted the politician at a Christmas tree lighting event.

The Californian's verbal sparring match with the CNN anchor quickly got to the point, with the presenter asking him why he won't resign, as two other council members who made comments in the same meeting have since stepped down and a third lost his seat in an election.

“Let me say this, Kate, and let me be very clear about this: In a democracy voters make the decision, not folks who are in the peanut gallery, or political pundits, or even my own colleagues,” de León affirmed.

The councilman said he plans to return to work and will always be sorry for his statements, commenting that he, like many Americans, does not have the luxury of quitting his job simply because he does not like one of his co-workers.

“Tens of millions of Americans go to work every single day with folks that they don’t like. But you know what they do? They get up and they go to work," he remarked. "They don’t have the luxury that some folks do when they want to walk out,” he declared.

However, during the interview, de León didn't exactly own up to his statements, rejecting the notion that he said that his colleague was using her child as an accessory. Rather, the councilman claimed it was simply a criticism on the fellow council member's affinity for handbags.

“I shouldn’t have said what I said, because it actually was a comment, I was criticizing, actually, Councilwoman Nury Martinez for her penchant for luxury handbags,” he attempted to clarify.

Regarding his recent scuffle, de León stood on his progressive policies in defense of his character.

"That's not the person who I am," he explained.

"I have a body and a history of progressive policies that have improved the human condition for all individuals, regardless of who you are," he continued. "I will continue to serve my voters; they will make the ultimate decision," he concluded.

Bolduan rolls the tape on city councilman's racist remarks. Hear his responsewww.youtube.com

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