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'There is only women and men, no in-between': UFC Hall of Famer Khabib Nurmagomedov calls gender ideology 'crazy'

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Recent UFC Hall of Fame inductee Khabib Nurmagomedov commented on gender ideology and his experience with genderless bathrooms in California during a recent interview with Valuetainment.

Nurmagomedov, a retired and undefeated UFC champion, was asked by podcaster and businessman Patrick Bet-David how he feels about American culture embracing a seemingly infinite number of genders.

"A very technical question for you, I know you're a math guy and and this one may be a tough question for you," David began. "If you're uncomfortable answering this one, I'm totally okay with that. In America we have a few hundred genders. How many genders do you guys have in Russia?" he asked.

Perplexed by the question, the fighter laughed and let out a big sigh before he threw his hands up in the air in defeat.

"I see only women and men, there is no in-between," Nurmagomedov finally responded. The answer earned thunderous applause from the live audience.

The champion then recalled a recent visit to California, where he was confronted with an "all gender" bathroom, which completely confused him.

"It's crazy, it's crazy. It's like first time in my life, a couple weeks ago, and I was in California, I was like in coffee shop. I really want to go bathroom, 'Can I go bathroom?' Okay, they told me 'cool,' and I'm kind of like, two [bathrooms], 'all gender' [and] 'all gender.' What is this? Where I have to go?" he explained.

"I stopped, like, I spent like five seconds there, like, where is women, where's men? I knocked [on] the door, 'Anybody inside?' Okay. I don't know, brother, I grew up in in very traditional place, with very traditional family, I'm very happy with this," the Russian continued.

"I am from big mountains, and we have only two genders," he added.

"When you live in cities in America, there's like 40, 50 genders, because here math is like very important to them," Bet-David coyly remarked.

"I have to be careful," the 34-year-old jokingly replied.

Nurmagomedov was born in Dagestan, a region in the southernmost part of Russia, home to a wide variety of ethnicities. The vast majority of the ethnicities are Islamic, with 83% of the total population identifying as Muslim in 2012, according to Wikipedia.

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