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Kirk Cameron's children's book about humility releases just in time for Pride Month

Screenshot taken from video on Kirk Cameron's Twitter account

Kirk Cameron's new children's book, which is meant to teach kids about humility, was scheduled for release on June 1, the day that marks the beginning of the annual month-long celebration of the LGBT movement known as Pride Month.

Cameron's aptly titled "Pride Comes Before the Fall" marks his second kids' book with Brave Books.

"BRAVE Books has partnered with Kirk Cameron to write a second book, Pride Comes Before the Fall. Officially releasing June 1, Pride Comes Before the Fall is a Christian, children's book that teaches kids the dangers of being prideful and the importance of having a humble spirit instead," the Brave Books website states.

During an interview with Jennifer Oliver O'Connell, Cameron, who is widely known for his time acting on the television show "Growing Pains," said that he "had a personal problem with pride" and "struggled with pride growing up."

"It was the value ... of the kindness and grace of God that humbled me," Cameron explained. He said that he learned "it is better ... to focus on God and loving your neighbor than to focus on self-exaltation and self-expression."

Each year of his presidency so far, President Joe Biden has proclaimed June as Pride Month and urged Americans "to wave their flags of pride high."

The White House currently has a Pride Month graphic posted on social media, as does the U.S. Navy.

"June 1 marks the start of 'ME MONTH,' also known as 'Pride Month.' Pride is the deadliest of the seven deadly sins, so rather than glorify it, I'm calling on all God-fearing Americans to shift their focus to the life-giving virtue of humility. That's what my brand-new book is about!" Cameron tweeted. "This book teaches children the importance of humility and serving others through a story they will love."

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