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MSNBC analyst admits President Trump is improving among Hispanics in newest poll


The rest of the demographics are not going well for Trump

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MSNBC's national political correspondent Steve Kornacki admitted that President Donald Trump had made inroads into garnering increased support from Hispanics, according to a new poll.

Kornacki was analyzing the results from the NBC News-Wall Street Journal poll showing how Democratic nominee Joe Biden had strengthened himself among key demographic groups when he ran into Hispanics category.

"Take a look at 2016, and you saw Hillary Clinton obviously overwhelmingly winning the black vote, overwhelmingly winning the Hispanic vote, and then Trump with a 20-point margin among white voters," said Kornacki.

He showed how Biden was basically even with Clinton in 2016 among black voters, with an 80-point net difference compared to 81 points, respectively.

"How about Hispanic voters? There's actually been some growth here on the Trump side, not as much as a margin for Biden as there was for Clinton," Kornacki said.

The MSNBC graphic shows a 38-point favorable margin for Hillary Clinton in 2016 exit polling, but shows only a 26-point margin for Biden among Hispanics in the newest poll.

Kornacki went on to show that support for Trump had decreased among white voters, most especially from college educated white voters.

"But here is the biggest jump," he continued. "This is the single biggest group, white voters. Just in terms of size, a 20-point Trump margin in 2016 right now in our poll has been cut all the way down to 7, now Trump leads by just 7 points in our poll."

Kornacki showed that Trump won the white college educated vote only by 3 points, but won the non-college educated white vote with 37 points.

In the newest NBC polling, Trump is still winning non-college educated white voters, but only by 24 points, while he has lost the advantage to Biden by 23 points for college educated white voters.

"If that were to hold up, if that were to happen in the election day, that's just in territory in modern times we haven't seen for a Democrat," Kornacki said of the swing among college educated white voters.

Here's the video of Kornacki from MSNBC:

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