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'Everything is so dumb': Twitter responds to Krispy Kreme offer of free doughnuts for people to get vaccinated


Some were angry at the 'fat-shaming' from the critics of Krispy Kreme

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The Krispy Kreme doughnut company tried to encourage people to go get vaccinated and instead got a backlash on social media over the incongruent health messaging.

Krispy Kreme CEO Michael Tattersfield appeared on Fox Business and explained the decision to hand out free glazed doughnuts.

"As America starts to make progress in the pandemic and you start to see scaling back the vaccines, we made the decision that said hey, we can support act of joy, which is if you come by, show us a vaccine card, get a doughnut anytime, any day, every day if you choose that!" Tattersfield said.

Tattersfield said the company would hand out the free doughnuts until the end of the year.

While many were happy to take advantage of the Krispy Kreme's gracious generosity, others criticized them for ignoring that obesity was in the list of comorbidities for COVID-19.

"Obesity is one of the primary factors that affects your response to COVID and these f***ers are giving away a donut a day if you're vaccinated. Everything is so dumb," tweeted writer and comedian Bridget Phetasy.

"Krispy Kreme will give you diabetes for free if you've been vaccinated," said bitcoin enthusiast Peter McCormack.

"Guess @krispykreme missed the memo that obesity/being overweight is an underlying condition that puts you at way greater risk of having complications from COVID," said commentator Brenna Spencer.

"Obesity is one of the comorbidities that contribute to the number of to COVID fatalities...and here's Krispy Kreme giving out donuts daily. These tactless people even named the person on their ad 'Jane Dough,' you know, just like the name 'Jane Doe' you give to dead people," tweeted California politician Errol Webber.

Others wondered if "Big Pharma" was paying off Krispy Kreme to seduce Americans to get vaccinated.

On the other hand, some pushed back against the "fat-shaming" of the haters and thanked the company for encouraging more people to get a vaccine shot.

"A vaccine-denying audience may actually be motivated by a free donut, so take your fat-shaming disguised as virtuous health concerns for likes and get a life," tweeted writer Gennefer Gross.

Here's more from the CEO of Krispy Kreme:

Get vaccinated and get a free Krispy Kreme doughnut, CEO sayswww.youtube.com

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