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Judge orders California officials to put Larry Elder's name on recall election ballot after they wrongfully ban him

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Talk show host and conservative gubernatorial candidate Larry Elder won a victory in court after suing for being left off the ballot for the upcoming California recall election to unseat Gov. Gavin Newsom (D).

Elder celebrated his courtroom victory on Wednesday after the ruling was made.

"California judge rules that the election law Elder allegedly violated DID NOT EVEN APPLY to a recall election AND even if it did, Elder 'SUBSTANTIALLY COMPLIED.' I will be on the ballot," Elder tweeted. "TOTAL VICTORY!!"

State election officials had refused to put Elder on the ballot because they claimed that he hadn't met the federal tax return filing requirement.

Elder accused them of trying to keep him off the ballot in order to protect Newsom.

"I've complied with everything the law requires of me to run in this recall election," said Elder previously.

Superior Court Judge Laurie M. Earl agreed with Elder and ordered Secretary of State Shirley Weber to include his name on the ballot.

Ironically, Newsom himself sued after he failed to meet a filing deadline that meant that his political party affiliation would be left off the ballot. He lost that lawsuit and will appear on the ballot without an affiliation designated.

The campaign to recall Newsom got a boost after he was caught hypocritically partaking in a swanky dinner party at an expensive restaurant in November while calling on his constituents to follow social distancing guidelines.

Newsom apologized but defended the dinner and complained that the recall campaign was aided by a judge ruling that extended its petition deadline. He has also claimed, without evidence, that the recall campaign is led by racists.

The recall election will be held in California on September 14.

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