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Democrats say 'racist and sexist' smears against Kamala Harris on Spanish-language radio are a coordinated campaign

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Democrat activists are angry at what they say is a coordinated campaign on Spanish-language radio against Vice President Kamala Harris in the state of Florida.

A Politico report said that "racist and sexist" criticism against the vice president has increased over the last few weeks, and activists say it has the classic signs of a phone bank campaign.

Democrat pollster Fernand Amandi tweeted about his suspicions about the radio calls.

"There currently appears to be a pro-active, clearly organized effort to demonize and malign the image + reputation of @VP @KamalaHarris on Spanish-language radio in South Florida. It comes in the form of audience listeners calling into live talk shows with talking point attacks," tweeted Amandi.

He said that the calls seemed odd to him because they were so focused on Harris.

"The focus is always on the Democrats as a party, on Biden, local officials," he explained.

Amandi claimed that some of the calls accused Harris of preferring blacks to Hispanics because of her Jamaican and Indian heritage.

Miami morning radio show host Roberto Rodríguez Tejera told Politico that he saw the same trend as Amandi and came to the same conclusion.

“It's not like you get 10 calls every day. It's not like that. You get a couple of calls here, a couple of calls there,” Rodriguez explained.

“That’s how the phone banks begin that [have] worked,” he added. “But it's a trend that you see that is growing by the day; is growing by the week."

Activists are also worried that the Democratic National Committee isn't doing enough to combat the criticism against Harris or to court the Hispanic vote.

“The fact that I'm having to raise this alarm, that it's not coming directly from a Democratic organization or even the folks out of Washington, I think is a sign of concern,” said Fernand Amandi.

DNC spokesperson Ammar Moussa told Politico it was “no surprise that there’s an apparently coordinated campaign to attack her with thinly veiled sexist and racist smears — it’s something she’s faced her entire career. Americans know the vice president is delivering for them and they will see right through this campaign of lies.”

Other warning signs for Democrats involve recent polls that show many Hispanics shifting in their support from the Democratic Party to the Republican Party.

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