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Leaked audio reportedly shows Hillsong Church founder accusing disgraced ex-pastor of serial infidelity


Disturbing allegations

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Disgraced former pastor Carl Lentz — who was fired from Hillsong Church in November after reportedly engaging in immoral behaviors — is reportedly a serial cheater as well as a lying manipulator and abuser.

Following the firing, Lentz admitted that he'd cheated on his wife and asked for forgiveness and understanding as the story unfolded.

What are the details?

According to a Friday report in the Daily Mail, Lentz was reportedly guilty of having more than just one extramarital affair.

The outlet cited audio purporting to feature Hillsong Church founder Brian Houston who can be heard saying that Lentz was also guilty of exhibiting "general narcissistic behavior, manipulating, and mistreating people."

According to the audio, Lentz was also "constantly lying."

On the audio, Houston says that Lentz was found out after staff discovered "compromising" messages on the ex-pastor's computer.

"It was more than one affair," Houston says. "They were significant. And at least some bad moral behavior had gone back historically."

"I can honestly say before God the first time I heard any moral complaint against Carl was when [Hillsong East Coast Chief Operating Officer Tolu Badders] contacted me," Houston said. "'Tolu had a conversation with one of the staff members, and that staff member had found a very compromising chain of text messages on Carl's laptop or computer. And so that person went straight to Tolu. And Tolu, to her credit, the first thing she did was call me."

In the audio, Houston also says that Lentz was also a "difficult man to have any kind of direct conversation with, because it was always defensive. It would always be put back on the other person, as though they're the ones with the problem."

Lentz's alleged behaviors were reportedly fairly well known.

"Other [anonymous] Hillsong members," the Daily Mail reports, said that "Lentz used women he met backstage at church for affairs." Other members reported that Lentz had been sleeping with other women "for at least seven years."

What else?

The outlet also reported that the church may give Lentz a "golden parachute" despite his alleged behaviors.

"'We're working on a severance package which we're negotiating with them on," George Aghajanian, general manager and a director of Hillsong Church Australia said in the meeting," the outlet reported. "'We are trying to care for them as far as they are letting us care for them. And certainly our heart is to look after the children, to look after [Lentz's wife] Laura, and even Carl who needs a lot of help.'"

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