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Left-wing media frets endlessly over 'white supremacist' gun rally in Virginia. They must have forgotten to interview these attendees.


Leftists really do live in an alternate reality

Image source: Twitter video screenshot, composite

Right on cue, the left-wing media fretted and wrung its hands raw over a massive gun-rights rally in Richmond, Virginia, Monday that the talking heads not only feared would be violent — but also claimed was a "white supremacist" gathering filled with "hate groups."

Check out this supercut of the media commentary — and then the punch-line ending courtesy of none other than a CNN reporter on the ground:

Not that it stopped far-left Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam from incredulously claiming afterward that the rally — protesting him and fellow Democrats for pushing extreme gun control laws — had been "successfully de-escalated."

Oh, and that 'white supremacist' rally thing?

And what about the media's claims that the rally was supposed to be fueled by white nationalists and white supremacists and white extremists?

Well, Antonia Okafor Cover — director of outreach for Gun Owners of America — spoke at the rally and later gloriously mocked the preemptive claims that it was a "white supremacist" brigade:

"Hands down the WORST white supremacist rally I've ever seen!" she tweeted, along with short clip of her speaking. "I mean they let me speak and everything. People shaking my hands and stuff. What would MLK do if he saw all of these people judging me by the content of my character instead of the color of my skin?"

Other attendees of color had their say, too:

A fitting end

You also may have heard that rally attendees made sure to clean up after themselves, unlike infamous left-wing gatherings such as Occupy Wall Street. What was that about conservatives not caring about the environment?

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