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Left-wing mob rips UFC superstar Conor McGregor for praising Trump as 'quite possibly' greatest president of all time


'He is a POS, and I'm beginning to think you are too'

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The left-wing mob punched back at Ultimate Fighting Championship superstar Conor McGregor for calling President Donald Trump “quite possibly" the greatest president of all time — not that the Irish champion fighter is scared or anything.

What are the details?

Here's the tweet from McGregor — who also wished America a happy Martin Luther King Day:

“Phenomenal President," McGregor tweeted along with a goat icon, which typically refers to the "Greatest of All Time" or "GOAT" in the world of sports. He added, “Most certainly one of them anyway, as he sits atop the shoulders of many amazing giants that came before him. No easy feet [sic]. Early stages of term also. Incredible. Congrats and Happy Martin Luther King Jr. day America."

McGregor — who beat Donald "Cowboy" Cerrone in less than a minute in a highly publicized mixed martial arts bout Saturday — was responding to Trump's tweet celebrating the third anniversary of his inauguration while touting record low black unemployment and calling attention to MLK Day.

According to The Hill, black unemployment is at 5.9 percent while in December 1981 it stood at 20.9 percent.

What did McGregor's detractors have to say about his Trump love?

Celebrity Trump hater Rosie O'Donnell didn't like McGregor's take one bit:

Image source: Twitter

The rest of the left-wing mob took McGregor to the virtual woodshed for daring to laud Trump — though it remains to be seen if the keyboard warriors would be so courageous in a face-to-face chat:

  • "Stay in your lane of punching people for a living, Mr. 'feet.'"
  • "Have u already forget where you've come from? At one point, you were on government cheese. There are people like u here too, Conor. Just bcuz ur income is endless now, doesn't mean you can be careless w/ your voice & influence. He is a POS, and I'm beginning to think you are too."
  • "Just got off the McGregor bus, I was a huge fan until this tweet, I'm sure this will cost you more fans than any fight you lose."
  • "Rigged fight. Rigged presidency. Makes sense."
  • "Putting DJT and MLK in the same sentence demonstrates complete ignorance, bigotry or a head injury."
  • "You just lost a large number of fans."
  • "Unfollowed."
  • "Your support for someone who kidnaps and cages children is a shock to me."

Also it was repeatedly pointed out that McGregor misspelled "feat" and erroneously stated that Trump is in the "early stages" of his term. But other folks saw the humor in the backlash:

Anything else?

The Hill noted that McGregor appeared to see Trump negatively a few years back. When Trump was on the campaign trail in 2015 and ripped UFC fighter Rounda Rousey, McGregor shot back saying Trump should “shut his big, fat mouth."

“I don't give a f*** about Donald Trump," he also noted, the outlet said.

Aside from McGregor's ringing endorsement, Trump also received a thumbs up from UFC President Dana White, who spoke at the 2016 Republican National Convention, the Hill added.

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