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Leftists howl in outrage after Republican state rep reads graphic excerpts from books they want kept in school libraries
Screenshot of @libsoftiktok X video (pictured: State Rep. Glenn Cordelli)

Leftists howl in outrage after Republican state rep reads graphic excerpts from books they want kept in school libraries

Leftists from across the state of New Hampshire became incensed after a Republican state representative read excerpts from sexually explicit materials that Democrats want kept on the shelves of middle and high school libraries.

Last Thursday, state Rep. Glenn Cordelli stood before the House chamber to defend HB 1419, which would have banned public school libraries and online libraries from offering "patently offensive" materials that contain "nudity, sexual conduct, sexual excitement, or sadomasochistic abuse" without any attending "literary, scientific, medical, artistic, or political value." The bill would also empower parents to take action, should they ever find such materials in libraries or schools.

As part of his speech, Cordelli told colleagues that he intended to read passages from some of the problematic books, warning listeners that such passages might not be suitable for young audiences. Before he could continue, though, other members of the House objected, claiming that they had a right to guard their ears from graphic content.

"Do we not have a rule that says that when a member objects to the reading from a paper that the member must suspend unless the House votes to let them continue?" Democrat Rep. Lucy Weber later asked in a point of order.

The House then voted whether to "let [Cordelli] continue," and a majority voted in his favor. However, a sizeable 173-person minority voted to silence him, and the popular anti-woke X account Libs of TikTok reported that all nay voters were Democrats.

As a result, Cordelli read into record passages from two books, including "Here and Queer: A Queer Girl's Guide to Life" by Rowan Ellis. "But just think about it for a second — apparently, straight cis people lose their virginity when a penis goes into a vagina," Cordelli quoted. "So, what happens when a penis isn't involved?"

He likewise read a passage depicting sexual assault from the 1999 young adult novel "Speak" by Laurie Halse Anderson.

"Let’s be honest: These explicit sexual and age-inappropriate materials have no place in our schools," Cordelli added during his remarks. "And I repeat: This is not about banning books; it is making sure that your children have access to educational, age-appropriate materials, period."

At first, the House voted to table the bill before voting to postpone it indefinitely later that same day.

New Hampshire Dems then faced a barrage of criticism after word spread that they had recoiled in horror over listening to inappropriate content, even as they worked to keep the content available to children.

Perhaps because the hypocrisy is difficult to defend, Democrat state Rep. Corinne Morse went on offense, calling Cordelli "a creepy old man" who had tried "to force" people to hear sexual material without their "consent." "Choosing to read a book is different than a creepy old man trying to force you to listen to him read out loud," she tweeted on Sunday morning. "I guess some of you need to learn about consent."

The American Civil Liberties Union of New Hampshire also weighed in, celebrating the bill's failure to pass as a win in the fight against "book banning" and "censorship."

"The N.H. House of Representatives today voted against a bill that would have created a state-run book banning process," said legal director Gilles Bissonnette, "and we commend them for affirming that New Hampshire schools are places of learning, not censorship."

That so many powerful leftists in the state have voted to keep sexually graphic books in schools in the name of freedom has angered many New Hampshire Republicans who supported the bill in the name of protecting children. One Republican state representative even suggested that some of his opponents were "groomers" who posed a threat to traditional American families.

"The purpose of government has been flipped on its head," Republican state Rep. Michael Belcher told Blaze News in a statement. "Government thinks it owns your children. It has become an existential threat to your family.

"Get your kids out of government schools and vote these groomers out."

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