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Leftists steal teen preacher's Bible, eat pages of it to protest Matt Walsh event at University of Wisconsin
Screen shot of Twitter video

Leftists steal teen preacher's Bible, eat pages of it to protest Matt Walsh event at University of Wisconsin

Leftists protesting a recent event featuring anti-transgenderism activist Matt Walsh at the University of Wisconsin stole a copy of the Bible from a street preacher who was exercising his First Amendment rights. At least one protester then desecrated the Bible further in a rather unique way: by eating some of its pages.

On Monday, a hundred or so protesters gathered at the campus in Madison, Wisconsin, to express their ire that Walsh, a conservative with a different viewpoint about transgenderism, was extended an invitation to speak and to screen "What Is a Woman?", his wildly popular documentary exploring the dangers associated with so-called gender transition.

Many of the protesters engaged in rather common leftist protesting tactics: defacing monuments and buildings, chanting obscene and illogical rhymes, and harassing those who express Christian values.

However, at least a handful of protesters went beyond harassing one street preacher. They stole his Bible and began tearing pages from it. At least one rotund protester was so enticed by the pages of Scripture that she chose to use them as a mid-afternoon snack.

The incident was caught on the video below. The unnamed female, whom the Daily Wire inadvertently identified as a "male," with bright pink hair stuffs the pages of Scripture into her mouth at around the :04 mark, just before she is obscured by another female protester in black:

The mangled Bible in that video once belonged to Nick Proell, a local teenager who attended the event to share his faith and the love of God with protesters.

"It was my personal study Bible that I used every single day," Proell stated. "At church, at Bible study, to preach, you name it."

Proell added that he had purchased that Bible late last year for about $100. He said he brought it with him to the event so that he could try to guide "sinners who love their sin and hate God" to abandon their sin and turn to Jesus instead.

He also believes that transgenderism is antithetical to God and godly creation.

"God uniquely chooses who we are and what our purpose is. He decides if we’re a man or a woman, not us," Proell explained. "Men weren’t designed to chop off their penises and call themselves women. It’s a foolish thing to try and play God."

Needless to say, that message was not well received by the protesters, who chanted "sexist, racist, anti-gay, Christian fascists go away" and "eat s***, f*** you" at the Christians across the street.

TheCollegeFix: Trans activists, Christians clash over ‘What is a Woman’youtu.be

Proell admitted that he put the Bible down briefly while distracted by the crowd, and the next thing he knew, it was gone.

In addition to the Bible, Proell alleged that protesters also stole upwards of $1,000 in A/V equipment, including a camera, batteries, chargers, and a microphone.

Matt Walsh responded to the leftist protests and vandalism with a few stern messages of his own. First, he condemned UW administrators for "apologizing to the vandals and taking their side," a move that Walsh described as the "worst cowardice [he'd] ever seen by a university."

Then, Walsh made a direct pitch to his fellow countrymen.

"Well, you can be on the side that eats the Bible and castrates children," he tweeted, "or you can be on literally any side but that one. Your choice, America."

The UW chapter of the Young America’s Foundation hosted the Walsh event.

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