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Lesbian arts and crafts group reported to college 'bias response team' because group allows only biological female members


The group — Lez Get Crafty — is outspoken in its support for 'lesbian Womyn-born-Womyn'

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Can't lesbians do their arts and crafts in peace, for Pete's sake?

It appears the answer is a resounding "no" — at least when it comes to a group that was forming last spring at the University of Michigan.

Flyers had popped up around campus advertising an Ann Arbor-based group called "Lez Get Crafty," the College Fix reported. But the problem was that the group only allows biological female members — i.e., "lesbian Womyn-born-Womyn."

And you know what that means: Aside from excluding the usual suspects, such a designation also means biological males who identify as females (and lesbians) are on the outs. As it happens, the group's website puts it much more bluntly.

"A lot of us womyn have been feeling cast out of our previous (LGB)TBBQ communities that now tend to increasingly favor men and the 'identity' and 'gender'-obsessed culture instead, leaving wbw lesbians in the dark," the Lez Get Crafty site notes. "We are here to help remedy that! We hear you. We are your refuge. We have your back. You're not alone, radical sister."

Stop right there!

Apparently the group forming at the prestigious university didn't sit well with at least one person who reported Lez Get Crafty to the campus "bias response team," the Fix reported, citing findings from its open records law request.

There had been "multiple complaints" from an LGBTQ rights group on campus, the outlet said, and the reporting student wrote that "women in our community feel targeted by this kind of exclusivity."

"It is my belief that students should not be subjectified [sic] to discriminatory language of groups such as Lez Get Crafty," the student added, the Fix said.

The outlet said an attempt to contact Lez Get Crafty organizers was unsuccessful. It isn't clear if the group formed at UM or not.

Anything else?

The Fix said the complaint about Lez Get Crafty was one of 72 filed with UM's bias response team between Jan. 1 and July 1, 2019. Others included:

A student claimed two professors were guilty of "repeated name mispronunciation" and that the victim was "being discriminated [against] based on race."

A student was overheard joking about the March 2019 mass shooting in New Zealand, comparing it to the Call of Duty video game and saying the shooter was "49-0." The complaining student said the culprit was "insensitive of a serious situation and continued to disregard the lives of those affected."

Following a student recital, an instructor publicly apologized for featuring musical works written by white men. The complaining student reported the instructor for apologizing.

A student reported another student for "running a series of disturbing Google searches" while in class for topics such as "white supremacist hate crimes" and "anti-LGBTQ hate crimes."

When discussing an article about gender construction in class, a student claimed the professor criticized the student's comments as "not relevant" — so the student complained that, "I felt violated, attacked, disrespected, and humiliated. I had never endured such a hostile classroom environment in my entire educational career and particularly felt his attacks and insults about my contributions were deeply lied to my identities. The classroom does not feel safe to me anymore."

The outlet added that many bias reports appeared to be jokes: "We were at a Hillary rally and she farted on us," one student wrote, while another complained "it all started when I was born a poor black child" and still another said to "disregard previous report" since "I have decided that I now identify as a snowflake."

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