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Woke, foul-mouthed comic Leslie Jones promises to put her 'foot right up your ... a**es' if any of you dare protest drag queen story hours
Image source: Twitter video screenshot via @mythinformedMKE

Woke, foul-mouthed comic Leslie Jones promises to put her 'foot right up your ... a**es' if any of you dare protest drag queen story hours

Left-wing comic Leslie Jones is promising to put her "foot right up your ... asses" if any of you dare protest a drag queen story hour.

What are the details?

Jones says so in a foul-mouthed video rant that appears to be part of the recent "Drag Isn't Dangerous" telethon, during which fellow woke artiste Charlize Theron threatened to "f*** anybody up" who criticizes drag queens who put on shows for children.

Here's what Jones says in her menacing rant:

Now y'all protestin' at libraries? Libraries?!? Drag queens are readin' books voluntarily to kids and their parents who show up voluntarily for a story time! When was the last time you voluntarily read to your kids, Tanya? I realize books with no pictures are scary for some of y'all, but books teach kids to think. They teach them to be creative, learn about history, give them a [sic] escape to magical places where they can use their imagination to be anyone they wanna be — a pirate, a mermaid, or a man in a dress! And I'm talking 'bout wizards, because if that wizard is hot, I don't care if he's in a dress ... I'm gonna f*** him.

I dare y'all to show up at a Leslie Jones story hour and interrupt me while I'm reading a story! 'Cause I'm gonna be like The Giving Tree and give my foot right up your insecure, deflectin' asses. So the next time you wanna show up to bother a queen at story time, at a show, at the bottomless brunch, or even just on the street livin' their damn lives, you better check yourself, Tanya! And don't think about what Jesus would do; think about what Leslie gonna do — 'cause I'm watchin' you. Drag isn't dangerous. But Leslie Jones is.

Here's the clip. Content warning: Language:

How are folks reacting?

As you might guess, more than a few folks didn't take kindly to Jones' challenge — and some were more willing to accept it. Here's a sampling:

  • "I could take him," one commenter quipped.
  • "Shut up, Lolo," another user declared. "No one's scared, groomer."
  • "She isn’t gonna do s**t except end up in the hospital," another commenter predicted.
  • "Does she even have any kids?" another user wondered.

Another commenter posed a question seemingly at the root of it all: "Why do drag queens want to read to kids so badly? Why is there a coordinated, heavily funded national movement to do so? Why don't they visit ... old folks' homes? Why do they want a child audience for something that is adult, sex-themed, and derived from burlesque? WHY?"

Anything else?

In the wake of Theron's drag queen threat, conservative commentator Megyn Kelly gave it right back to the actress and challenged her to "come and f*** me up ... because I’m 100% against her on this."

"Yes, there are fun drag queen shows. I’ve been to them,” Kelly added during a recent podcast. "When I lived in Chicago, we went to one that was super fun – it was all adults."

Kelly continued, "But there are drag queen shows out there right now that are deeply disturbing, and they’re happening in front of young children."

"So know what you’re supporting, understand what we’re actually seeing out there which can include absolutely the grooming of young children," she added.

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