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Liberal pastor and NAACP leader compares ICE raids to crucifixion of Jesus Christ and slavery


He also called the raids "sacreligious!"

Gerry Melendez/The State/MCT via Getty Images

A liberal pastor and NAACP leader compared the impending enforcement of immigration law to the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, slavery, and called President Donald Trump and his allies "evil."

Rev. Dr. William Barber, who is a frequent MSNBC guest, made the comparisons on his social media account.

"I don't know how long evil will last, but I know this: after Pharaoh oppressed, he lost," Barber tweeted. "After Rome crucified Jesus, they lost. After slaveholders doubled down, they lost."

"Trump & his enablers may have the power to execute #ICEraids, but this will backfire," he added. "He will lose."

Barber was referring to reports that the Department of Immigration and Customs Enforcement would commence raids of illegal immigrants on Sunday.

"No matter what day Trump & his enablers plan to start family raids, it's immoral, evil & unjust. But to start on Sunday, is sacrilegious!" he added in another tweet.

He described the enforcement of federal immigration law as "Trump's racist attacks on Latino immigrants," in a third tweet, while ignoring the distinction between legal and illegal immigrants.

Barber has been an outspoken opponent of Trump and his policies. In 2017 he said on MSNBC that praying for the president was "violating the sacred principles of religion."

Fox News reported that the target of the raids will be 2,000 families who have been notified of the illegal immigration status of one of their members. It is estimated that there are 11 million illegal immigrants in the U.S., though some measures say the figure could surpass 22 million.

Here's a news video about the ICE raids:

ICE raids set to begin Sunday after Trump's delaywww.youtube.com

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