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Six women quit Liz Warren campaign over 'culture' of racism — Warren blames 'legacy' of racism in the US


'... racism and oppression in this country have left a long legacy ...'

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Presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) was questioned about accusations from six female staffers who left her campaign after accusing it of "tokenism" and other racial insensitivity.

Warren apologized but blamed the "legacy" of racism in the United States for what her former staffers experienced. She made the comments on MSNBC to host Chris L. Hayes.

"There's a story in Politico that I saw you responded to, and I just want to get your response to it here on air, about six women of color that quit your Nevada campaign with complaints of a toxic work environment and tokenism; one of them went on the record. I saw that you responded to that and apologized. What do you want to say in response to learning about that?" Hayes asked.

"You know, I believe these women without any equivocation, and I apologize personally that they had a bad experience on the campaign," Warren responded.

"I really work hard to try to build a campaign and a work environment where it's diverse and open and everyone is welcomed and celebrated and gets to bring their whole self to work every day," she said.

"But I'm also very aware that racism and oppression in this country have left a long legacy, and it creates the kind of toxicity where people, power structures, people take advantage of other people, it's something for which we have to be constantly vigilant and constantly determined to do better," Warren continued.

"I take responsibility for this, and I'm working with my team to address these concerns," she concluded.

Warren came in third in the final, but disputed, results from the Iowa caucuses. Her campaign has put its hopes on performing well in New Hampshire.

Here's the video of her comments:


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