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'Low-life thug' caught on video slashing face of fast-food restaurant manager, 18. Twitter users aren't shy about describing how they'd exact justice.

Image source: Twitter video screenshot via @NYPDTips

New York City Police are looking for a suspect caught on surveillance video slashing the face of an employee at a Bronx fast-food restaurant.

NYPD Crime Stoppers on Wednesday posted video of the attack, which took place around 11:30 p.m. July 23. It isn't clear why two months passed until the video's release.

What are the details?

Officials said the culprit — dressed in a black T-shirt and New York Yankees baseball cap — and a woman had been wandering in and out of Texas Chicken and Burgers near the Bronx Zoo on Crotona Parkway and E. 180th St. before asking to speak to the manager, the New York Daily News reported.

Witnesses told police the suspect appeared calm and friendly while speaking to the restaurant's 18-year-old manager, even shaking the manager's hand at one point and winking and smiling at the woman with him, the paper noted.

Image source: Twitter video screenshot via @NYPDTips

Then suddenly the man whipped a blade from his pocket and sliced it across the manager's face, officials told the Daily News.

Image source: Twitter video screenshot via @NYPDTips

Police didn't disclose what the suspect and manager were talking about prior to the attack, the paper said.

What happened next?

Witnesses told police that the suspect and the woman with him left the premises and disappeared, the Post said, adding that emergency medical personnel took the restaurant manager to St. Barnabas Hospital, where he was treated and released.

Police added that anyone with information regarding the suspect should call NYPD Crime Stoppers at 800-577-TIPS.

How did folks react?

Thomas Kenniff, who's running for Manhattan District Attorney, tweeted his disgust over the violent incident: "Another hardworking young person of color, trying to contribute, yet victimized by the type of thug that NYC progressives want us to believe are the real victims."

Other commenters were not shy about describing how they'd exact justice against the culprit:

  • "That low-life thug should be sentenced to ten years in prison," one commenter wrote. "No parole."
  • "Find him & throw away the key," another commenter declared. "A career criminal taking out his frustration on a hard-working Texas employee. "He cut him, so [the victim] will remember him every time he looks in the mirror. We need to send him away for attempted murder for at least 25 year[s]."
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