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WATCH: Bill Maher attacks Covington Catholic students in disgusting tirade, 'jokes' about pedophilia


'And, oh yeah, I blame the f**king kid'

Image source: YouTube screenshot

Liberal Bill Maher attacked the Covington Catholic High School students on his show "Real Time" Friday, launching into a disgusting tirade that included jokes about pedophilia.

What did Maher say?

During a monologue addressing the incident, Maher targeted Nicholas Sandmann, the 16-year-old student at the center of the controversy. Sandmann was videoed starring at Native American elder Nathan Phillips while wearing a "Make America Great Again." A short, out-of-context video clip sent the incident viral.

"I don't blame the kid, the smirk-face kid. I blame lead poisoning and bad parenting. And, oh yeah, I blame the f**king kid, what a little prick," Maher said, referring to Sandmann.

"Smirk face, like that's not a d*ck move at any age to stick your face in this elderly man," Maher continued, rebuking Sandmann for claiming he sought to defuse the tense situation on the National Mall.

Then Maher's attacks got worse.

"You know, I don't spend a lot of time, I must tell you, around Catholic school children, but I do not get what Catholic priests see in these kids," Maher said to cheers and applause.

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