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Man jumps to his death at Grand Canyon Skywalk


Authorities are considering whether to increase safety measures following the suicide

Image source: Daily US YouTube video screenshot

A 28-year-old man jumped to his death in front of other visitors at the Grand Canyon Skywalk on Saturday, prompting officials to take a look at whether security measures should be heightened further at the famous look-out spot.

What are the details?

A spokesperson from Grand Canyon West told CBS News the unnamed man climbed over a safety barrier to jump into the canyon at around 4:30 p.m,, leading officials to temporarily close off access to the see-through walk-way and launch a search for him. The man's body was recovered Sunday morning.

"in the aftermath of Saturday's tragic suicide, our hearts are with everyone impacted: The family of the man who took his own life, our guests and the Grand Canyon West employees on duty Saturday," the park said in a statement. "Moving forward, we will explore whether new policies and more security in addition to our extensive Skywalk safety barriers might be used to make Grand Canyon West even safer than it is today."

AZCentral reported that the Skywalk — which first opened in 2007 — is a horseshoe-shaped platform that juts out about 70 feet from the canyon's edge, and has a drop-off of somewhere between 500 and 800 feet.

Anything else?

According to Fox News, roughly a dozen people die in the Grand Canyon each year. It is unknown how many suicides have taken place, but visitors have died from more than just falls. Overheating and drowning deaths have also occurred in the park.

Earlier this year, a tourist from Hong Kong died after stumbling into the canyon while trying to take a photo near the Skywalk.

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