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Man with a gun arrested near protesters outside Trump's Dallas rally


He was wearing a shirt of a conspiracy news site.

Image Source: Twitter video screenshot

A man with a gun was arrested near anti-Trump protesters at the president's rally Thursday at the American Airlines Center in Dallas.

Reporter Meredith Yeomans of NBC KXAS-TV posted videos of the man being arrested on her social media account.

She indicated that he also carried a gas mask, an aerosol can, a vest, mace, and a backpack. The man was encountered by Dallas police near a protest from those objecting to the decision by President Donald Trump to pull back troops from northern Syria ahead of a Turkish invasion force.

Yeomans said the man was wearing an "InfoWars" T-shirt at the time.

Dallas police said that he did have a license for the weapon, but he was sent to a hospital for an evaluation.

Hundreds of people lined up in advance of the Dallas rally, some camped out for days before the president was scheduled to appear. The American Airlines Center has a capacity of seating 20,000.

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