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'No one wants to hear the s*** that she's saying': UFC legend Matt Brown says Ronda Rousey needs humility, not excuses
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'No one wants to hear the s*** that she's saying': UFC legend Matt Brown says Ronda Rousey needs humility, not excuses

Brown said that Rousey could benefit from hiring a PR representative to repair her image.

Retired UFC fighter Matt Brown stated that former champion Ronda Rousey would be much more adored by fans if she showed some humility instead of making excuses.

Rousey has been touring and participating in interviews for her book "Our Fight" and has received backlash as she has insisted that she has been unjustly disliked by fans and mixed martial arts media.

Among Rousey's claims have been that she is the greatest fighter of all time and only ever lost because she was too concussed. She was soon called out by fans and MMA journalists who pointed out her UFC career was immediately followed by a stint in the WWE.

Former UFC fighter and ex-boyfriend Brendan Schaub also disputed claims in Rousey's book surrounding a recollection of a fight between Schaub and her now-husband, Travis Browne.

During her promotional circuit, Rousey has doubled and tripled down on her sentiments that she has been treated unjustly. During a recent interview on the High Performance channel, Rousey once again stated that she had no idea why she isn't loved by UFC fans considering she "gave them everything [she] had" but it "wasn't enough."

The former fighter expressed that she is reluctant to show up at any UFC event because she fears being booed by attendees.

'She pushes us away. She pushes that away from her. I think every fan wants to love her.'

Matt Brown, who as of this writing has the second-most knockouts in UFC history, attempted to offer Rousey advice while on MMA Fighting's "Fighter vs. Writer" podcast.

"I mean the first thing that comes to my mind is what's the problem? Like is she complaining? What’s the problem? Maybe people have said bad things about you. Welcome to being a human. Welcome to being famous. What did you expect?" Brown told the podcast.

Brown said he understood that Rousey is "bitter" and "can't accept" her losses, but he added that externalizing the excuses is "always the wrong thing."

"Even if you were injured, and I can relate to this because it's happened to me. I've been injured in fights. 'I've been sick."

"For her to think that she’s special because she had a concussion, it's just silliness," he continued. "I could look at a loss, and I could give you all the reasons why I lost. But any time you say it out loud, it’s an excuse. It’s purely excuse."

The welterweight added that he felt it is sad because Rousey just needs to live with herself and reconcile her losses.

"I've got losses. I've got way more losses than Ronda. I fought a lot more times than Ronda. But you don't want to go around living that way, blaming other people for the way your life is or the way that you're portrayed."

Along with saying that Rousey should show "a little bit of humility," he said that she would benefit from hiring a public relations representative to coach her on what to say. Brown said that while Rousey has all the attributes of a likeable person, "no one wants to hear the s*** that she's saying."

"She pushes us away. She pushes that away from her. I think every fan wants to love her," Brown explained.

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