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Viral video shows man threatening protesters with a chainsaw and yelling racist epithets; police make arrest


'He disproved his own point by violently attacking people'

Composite Image Source: Twitter video screenshots

A bizarre altercation unfolded in McAllen, Texas, when a man angrily denounced "Black Lives Matter" protesters with racist epithets and then threatened them with his chainsaw.

Video of the event quickly went viral on social media with millions of views on Friday.

One video posted on Twitter shows the man aggressively demanding the protesters go home and ripping their signs away while yelling a racial epithet.

"Get the f*** out of here!" he yells. "Get the f*** home!"

In the second video posted on Twitter, he grabs a chainsaw from the back of his truck, revs it up, and walks toward the protesters, who scatter away.

"Don't let these f***ing a**holes lie to you! Don't let them lie to you!" he yells while pointing at protesters with the chainsaw in the other hand. He repeats the epithet in the second video as well.

Just hours later, McAllen police Lt. Joel Morales told KRGV that they had arrested a 44-year-old suspect.

Lorena Houghton told The Monitor that she was one of the people accosted by the man.

"It's very scary," she said. "I think that the exact point they were trying to make is that they didn't think that Black Lives Matter was necessary here, but I think he disproved his own point by violently attacking people that were walking on the street."

The nation has been rocked by protests over the May 25 death of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police officers. Some of those protests have turned violent with riots, looting, arson and fatalities.

Here's more about the nationwide protests:

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