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Meghan McCain says post-Trump America will be a 'very, very dark place' for the Republican party


She cited Ocasio-Cortez as an example of Democrats reaching the youth

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Meghan McCain opined that the country would be a "very, very dark place" for the Republican party after President Donald Trump office.

McCain made the comments to Margaret Hoover in an interview on the PBS show "Firing Line."

"I really worry about it because, and the numbers show this by the way, whatever you want to say about the left, there are people like [Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.)] that do a really good job of speaking to young people," she said.

"And I think for us, and I always laugh like young Republican groups start at 40," she joked.

"And I think post-Trump America for the party is going to be a very, very dark place to rebuild," McCain said.

Her mother, Cindy McCain agreed.

"This concerns me very much, and I'll speak from my own home state where the party has simply left normal, what we would consider normal Republicans, behind," Cindy McCain said.

"Until our party goes back to what we were best at," she continued, "and that was an open system, an open tent, we invited everybody in — those are the days that I grew up in Republican politics, and those were good years."

McCain frequently defends the conservative political agenda as a co-host on "The View," but she also often criticizes the president for what she considers to be behavior beneath the dignity of the office.

Here's the video of McCain's comments:

Meghan McCain on a Post-Trump GOP

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