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Police searching for 2 missing teenagers find 7 bodies at Oklahoma property of man convicted of rape and due in court on charges of child porn possession

Image Source: KOCO-TV YouTube video screenshot

Police searching for two missing teenagers discovered 7 bodies at the property of a man who had been convicted of rape and was accused of child porn possession in Oklahoma.

14-year-old Ivy Webster and 16-year-old Brittany Brewer were reported missing at about 1:30 in the morning on Monday from Okmulgee County.

Police released an endangered missing advisory notice about the girls and said they were last seen with 39-year-old Jesse McFadden at an address in the town of Henryetta, about an hour east of Kansas City.

McFadden is a registered sex offender and was due in court in Muskogee County on Monday for charges of solicitation of a minor as well as child pornography possession.

When police executed a search warrant at McFadden's property in Henryetta at about 3 p.m., they made a gruesome discovery: seven bodies on the property.

Police said two of the bodies discovered were those of the missing teenagers, another four have not yet been identified, and one was the body of Jesse McFadden.

One report claimed that the four others were McFadden's wife, her son, and two daughters and that the two missing teenagers had been at a sleepover at the McFadden home.

"Our hearts go out to the families and friends, schoolmates and everyone else. It's just a tragedy in Okmulgee County," said Sheriff Eddy Rice.

McFadden had been convicted of first-degree rape in 2003.

"An absolutely terrifying story," remarked WFLA-TV anchor J.B. Biunno.

Brittany Brewer's father, Nathan Brewer, told KWTV-TV that he was devastated.

"Brittany was an outgoing person. She actually was selected to be Miss Henryetta... coming up in July for this miss national miss pageant in Tulsa," he said.

"And now she ain't gonna make it because she's dead," he added. "She's gone."

Here's more about the harrowing incident:

7 bodies found on Henryetta property amid search for 2 missing teenagerswww.youtube.com

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