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Media outlet claims Trump 'storms out' of coronavirus briefing, ignores questions. Video shows otherwise.


'This is such garbage. Not AT ALL what happened. Wow'

Stefani Reynolds/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Did President Donald Trump storm out of a press conference about coronavirus and refuse to answer questions related to his possible exposure to the rapidly spreading disease? That's what the Daily Mail claimed.

"Trump REFUSES to say if he has been tested for coronavirus and storms out of White House briefing on crisis," a tweet from the news outlet blasted.

But, as it turned out, video from the briefing shows the allegation doesn't hold water.

What actually happened?

The president gave the media an update about the government's ongoing response to the coronavirus outbreak in the U.S., during which he addressed numerous questions from the press corps.

However, one question the president did not address was whether he has been tested for coronavirus. As the Daily Mail noted in its story, the White House did answer that question.

"The President has not received COVID-19 testing because he has neither had prolonged close contact with any known confirmed COVID-19 patients, nor does he have any symptoms," White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham said.

In fact, video of the conclusion of Monday's press conference shows that Trump did not refuse to answer the question — nor did he storm out of the briefing room — but rather he thanked the media for their questions and calmly walked away from the lectern as journalists continued to scream questions.

The scene resembled nearly every press gaggle that the president has ever addressed. He in no way stormed out.

In response, the Daily Mail was widely rebuked.

"This is such garbage. Not AT ALL what happened. Wow," one person responded.

"I'll take 'Things that didn't happen' for $500," another person responded.

Trump himself even responded, saying, "Fake News!!"

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