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Megyn Kelly sends a blistering message to Disney following company's 'gay agenda' video leak: 'They're no longer the Disney of yesterday'

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Broadcaster Megyn Kelly blasted Disney after one of its executives made headlines for a video leak that indicated the company is set to push a "gay agenda" for children.

What's a brief history here?

The video in question showed Disney Corporate President Karey Burke — mother of transgender and pansexual kids — announcing that the company will integrate more queer leads into its child-targeted content.

In the video, Burke said, "We have many, many, many LGBTQIA characters in our stories, and yet we don't have enough leads, and narratives in which gay characters just get to be characters," vowing to change those numbers for what she suggested is the betterment of children and the company at large.

What are the details?

During Wednesday's podcast, Kelly hit out at Disney and warned parents to closely monitor what their children are watching.

“So Disney and she have apparently made clear that they are going to be putting as many LGBTQIA+ in as many Disney movies as possible,” Kelly started off after playing a segment featuring Burke's remarks. “That they want these characters to become ubiquitous in the Disney movies, and I think that is totally unnecessary and out of line. I don’t want you to work out your wokeism on my kid, OK? Do a movie that teaches tolerance, kindness, support for your fellow human beings.”

She continued, slamming the term "two-spirit people" and more.

“Don’t shove two-spirit people, which by the way is not a thing, and pansexual — I had to look it up, you know what that means? It means you’re attracted to everybody," she said. "So you’re bi, I guess. That’s not a thing; that’s already a thing; they already have a letter. I’m sorry, but please, all these glommers who just want attention, it’s a new thing!”

Kelly added that it's high time parents understood the type of content Disney is gearing up to serve their children and called on them to closely vet what their charges are consuming.

“Don’t put a Disney movie on in front of your kid before you fully come to understand what it’s going to be promoting, who it’s going to be starring, and what agenda they’re pushing," she warned. "They’re no longer the Disney of yesterday."

Megyn Kelly Reacts to Leaked Videos of Disney Execs Talking LGBTQIA+ Issues and Kids www.youtube.com

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